Sqm openwrt

Sqm openwrt

GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. This repository contains the sqm-scripts traffic shaper from the CeroWrt project. Run the steps below on your own computer not on the router to retrieve the newest script version from this repository, create the scripts, then copy those new scripts to your router.

Now, use scp to copy the new scripts to the router. If your account on the router is not "root", change "root" to your account:. On openwrt, you should first install the "normal" sqm-scripts package to take care of all the dependencies, then use this procedure to update to the newest sqm-scripts. They will not grow indefintely, but they are written repeatedly. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. Shell Lua Makefile. Shell Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

Latest commit. Latest commit ae0 Feb 10, There are three sub-tabs in the SQM tab that you may configure:. Smart Queue Management SQM is our name for an intelligent combination of better packet scheduling flow queueing techniques along with with active queue length management AQM. You may have to log out and in to see the new menu. Set the Download and Upload speeds to be somewhat below the speed of your Internet connection.

There are two choices:. Please note these are arbitrary values chosen to give you a good result on the first try. You can increase them later. An example of a tuning session for a common cable modem configuration is here using the RRUL test. If you get 6. Use a longer test than that for cable. For example, you can expect a cable modem showing 30Mbit down for a speedtest to actually only do 22Mbit over longer periods.

Since the majority of ISP provided configurations for buffering are broken today, you need take control of the bottleneck link away from the ISP and move it into CeroWrt so it can be fixed. You do this by entering link speeds that are a few percent below the actual speeds. Note: it can be difficult to get an accurate measurement of the link speeds.

See Example 1 above. Even better tools are netalyzr and rrulwhich run for long enough to get more accurate measurements. See Example 2 above. Just use the default settings shown here - they work very well for nearly all circumstances.

Those defaults are:. If you feel like experimenting, change these settings and let us know the results on the CeroWrt-Devel mailing list. CeroWrt has been primarily a tool for research into better packet scheduling and AQM technologies.

If you want to get a feel for how cable modems will work in the future, try pie. The simple. The simplest. Explicit Congestion Notification ECN is a mechanism for notifying a sender that its packets are encountering congestion and that the sender should slow its packet delivery rate.

Instead of dropping a packet, CeroWrt marks the packet with a congestion notification and passes it along to the receiver. That receiver sends the congestion notification back to the sender, which can adjust its rate. This provides faster feedback than having CeroWrt drop the received packet. For the Download inbound, ingress link, we recommend you turn ECN on so that CeroWrt can inform the local receiver that will in turn notify the remore sender that it has detected congestion without loss of a packet.

They are not heavily error checked, so be careful when entering them that they are exactly as specified. These options are available when you check the box. As with other options in this tab, it is safe to leave them at their default. They include:. Set the Link Layer Adaptation options based on your connection to the Internet. The general rule for selecting the Link Layer Adaption is:. Next, try the ATM choice, then the Ethernet choice to see which performs best.

Read the Details below to learn more about tuning the parameters for your link.Updated - April 18, by Arnab Satapathi. Fair bandwidth sharing among different devices may be an issue on a local network, say torrent client on the PC sucking all upload bandwidth.

If the router is running openwrt, such situation could be avoided by setting up openwrt qos. What is QoS? It stands for Quality of Servicesimply how efficiently the bandwidth could be used to improve network quality and minimize network latency. It also ensures a fair portion of bandwidth is always available for critical applications. Internet quality degradation on a fast network is mainly due to bufferbloatexcessive data buffering on the router causes this problem.

In this tutorial we're going to use the luci-app-sqm program to configure openwrt qos. Though both of them uses the tc command, part of traffic control application as QoS configuration back end. Uninstall other previously installed if any OpenWrt QoS related packages like luci-app-qos or qos-scriptsthey will interfere with sqm-scripts.

Installation process may require KB or more storage space, so if your router has limited flash space, openwrt extroot setup may be necessary. The official OpenWrt guide recommends to use www. Though network latency measurement is not necessary, you could do it with ping command. Note the time required to ping different domains and take the average time.

Example bellow. From those tests I got about 2. You may want to use google's data transfer rate converter to convert different formats.

How to setup OpenWrt QoS with luci-app-sqm

QoS capability could be tested many way, I'm giving an example bellow to simulate such situation. Surely the above setup will impose a heavy stress on the network, now you from the last PC you could do some ping to remote servers like google, browse few webpages etc.

Now everything should be somewhat smoother than previous, i. OpenWrt is bloating day by day, the luci is even more bloated, seriously a bad news for routers with limited flash. Hope this openwrt qos tutorial is simple enough to understand and will help you to improve network quality.

OpenWRT mwan3 Load Balancing -- Test

Just drop a comment if you have any suggestion or question, I'll like to hear from you. I had been experiencing serious bandwidth degradation on my Linksys WRTAC only in the evenings, just when my wife and daughter would fire up their tablets and PCs, and the TV would kick in.

In desperation I tried several range extenders, and even powerline transmission. Nothing made a difference so it had to be the router. I installed OpenWrt on the router and played with various settings. Still no cigar.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub?

Sign in to your account. I have SQM active on eth0. It is set up for Mbps down, 12Mbps up. I have added a 2nd entry, active on WLAN, my guest wifi network, to throttle the up- and downloadspeed of the guest-wifi-devices.

sqm openwrt

I noticed, while testing using speedtest. I played around a bit more and the results shows clearly that the value for upload speed in the 2nd entry determines the maximum download speed on the guest wifi network. I'm on LuCI Branch git On Mar 7,atbouwew notifications github. Thank you for your explanation! I now understand what is going on and why.

As far as I understand, a pretty powerful router. I will close the issue, since there is no issue, just a lack of information : That why we experiment And thanks for a handy piece of software. I like running an open wireless node so that my neighbors have a backup if they're having problems. But after years without problems, somebody started doing big uploads, killing my interactive shells. This fixed things right up for me! Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up.But I have a problem that all downloads, web browsing, YouTube videos are not separated by categories and when I'm playing I get lag, ping spike, disconnect, etc for example Fortnite. I already test with: For ingress queueing disciplines: nat dual-dsthost For egress queueing disciplines: nat dual-srchost.

It works, but it has a big problem, when in the console or pc that I am playing it is downloading or updating a game, it gives me lag and disconnects me from the games. If you see latency going up, SQM isn't configured properly. Then try the games again.

Also, stick to piece of cake for now instead of layer cake. Because does not exist, category and prioritization gaming about downloads. SQM already enforces fairness on connection basis, and not on IP basis. So using the same PC or different one for Downloading should not matter. That looks good. How is your computer connected to the router?

What are you downloading exactly? If you are using torrents, they can spawn hundreds if not thousands of connections.

sqm openwrt

In that case, the on connection based fairness might not be appropriate. A few additional questions:. For the same that I said before, SQM Cake lacks these 2 important things, category and prioritization. SQM is not meant to have these options. SQM is meant to provide per connection based fairness. Hence it is not lacking that. They are simply two different tools for two different goals. However, lag and disconnections is not something you should be seeing on SQM.

Please provide the additional information that I requested so we can help debugging what is going wrong at the moment:. Try using a Edit: Or wait a few more weeks for the final version of But I do not understand what they removed these important things category and prioritization. They didn't remove this. Again, they work exactly as they are meant to work. SQM works fine without any manual categories or prioritization. I can download at max speeds, and my fiancee won't notice a thing during her gaming sessions.

QoS and SQM are two separate packages, because they have two separate goals. No, you are simply seeing a latency issue that is caused by a known bug with the switch in the R As I mentioned before, these issues have been fixed in the master branch. No need to change SQM to solve your issues. I'm sorry you feel that way These issues have been solved, but there simply hasn't been a release yet that includes said fix.

Lots of volunteers are working hard to bring Thanks for your help and I hope that one day the developers will add the options mentioned above to SQM Cake.The goal is to set the software shaper to a bandwidth that is slightly lower than the actual bloated bottleneck in the hardware, so we can control the queue using FQ-CoDel or CAKE.

In many cases, there is no real ground truth about the right setting, but we can find one by trial and error tuning and doing repeated measurements until things improve. It took 4 tries and 5 minutes to get a setting that worked well! When we were done, we watched a videoconference and ran screen sharing session over skype while saturating the network with a RRUL test for 5 minutes.

Download and upload speeds remained high, latency remained low, and there was no observable effect on the video conference.

It was perfect. The RRUL test normally runs for 70 seconds: 5 seconds of idle to give a baseline60 seconds of full-rate data transfer, and 5 more seconds of idle. There are three graphs:. The four colored lines indicate separate, simultaneous TCP sessions. For example, the top chart shows 1. This was how his cable connection behaved without any latency control.

See charts above. We see the usual seconds worth of induced latency common to and bedeviling! Note also that the black lines do not correctly add in the bandwidth used up by the tcp acks in the opposite direction. But given the increase in latency and the average where it was, it was apparent that 6 mbit up was still too much, so we knocked that down to kbps, or 4. A x improvement… and good sharing between streams and good throughput. And thus, we declared victory, and then talked for an hour doing various other tests while the videoconference continued to rock.

It is unknown to what extent other smart queue management systems gentoo, ipfire, streamboost, gargoyle handle IPv6 at present. Previously, we were well aware that disabling powerboost as we currently do gives consistent latency, but leaves some bandwidth on the floor.

How much was kind of an unknown. Now we know. The speedboost algorithm is fairly well documented, and we do think that with some tweaks and fixes to the htb rate limiter to allow for more burstyness we can keep latencies reliably low and get closer to the full bandwidth available from a cable modem, all the time. Losing that initial bit of bandwidth, in light of always getting good latency, seems like the bigger win, for the time being.

Toggle Navigation Bufferbloat. To edit this page, submit a pull request to the Github repository.

sqm openwrt

Bloat Project. News items List of Wiki pages List of bugs. Find us elsewhere.Luiz, tenho acompanhado teus posts sobre o openwrt e acho eles muito bons. Poderia me ajudar? Venho acompanhando seus post e gostando muito. Atualizei meu OpenWRT para o Mas um excelente Tutorial. Outra coisa, posso usar o sqm para limitar a velocidade em uma Wlan Guest? Com isto, fica complicado avaliar o tamanho do buffer. E via web, seria muito simples ativar esta regra, que eu coloco sempre que vou jogar online.

Se tiver mais alguma dica ou algo do tipo, me avise por favor. Que blog? Quanto ao torrent, sugiro nunca deixar ele com o up livre. Obrigado pela resposta.

SQM Details

Usando o ifconfig apareceu as seguintes interfaces: br-lan, eth0, eth0. Luiz, uma pergunta pra vc. Tive que implementar manualmente. Boa noite, Luiz. Para Mbps, seria mesmo. Se seu provedor entregar menos, o QoS nunca vai ser aplicado. Observe a carga loadavg. Quando eu tiver um link desses com meu roteador caseiro, eu vou poder testar. A rede sobe antes do SQM. Neste caso, sugiro recarregar o SQM quando a interface de rede subir. Eu uso o snmpd. Se tiver uma USB no dispositivo, pode expandir com um pendrive.

Onde consigo limitar a banda. Tipo ClasseA, ClasseB, etc Sendo O problema de QoS foi tratado em dois posts anteriores. E como resolver o bufferbloat?

Deixe as filas menores para que, quando cheias, novos pacotes sejam descartados, informando ao emissor que ele precisa "pegar leve". Neste artigo vou tratar de como configurar a segunda proposta. Se estava usando o qos-scripts e quer usar o sqm-scripts, remova-o antes de iniciar o processo. Se quiser a interface Luci web :. Inicialmente, sem o SQM:. Latency: in msec, 62 pings, 0.

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