Outlander phev heating not working

Outlander phev heating not working

Yesterday I noticed something interesting and at the same time worrying. The EV drive mode did not work properly at degrees celsius -4 F. Lets start from the beginning … To heat the interior of the car in winter and cold temperatures the petrol engine has to generate the heat. Now it can feel like a loss to have an electric car that needs to use the gasoline engine in winter.

You can then use the pre-heater to heat the cabin before leaving. If you have a 10A charger it will not keep up with the required charging. I usually pre-heat for 30 min and the heat produced lasts for 15 minutes, depending on outside temperature, without additional heat from the petrol engine, especially when using the seat heaters and steering wheel heating.

To ensure that the petrol engine is not enabled you can put the ventilation and heating system in the OFF position. Yesterday, for the first time this winter the temperature was degrees Celsius -4 F. I had had my Outlander in garage overnight where the temperature was -6 degrees C 21 F. I used the pre-heat for 30 minutes just before departure.

With EV drive only I drove toward Soderhamn, 25 km south and started the ventilation and heating system when I got half way to bring up the heat in the car again. At that time the petrol engine started, as it should. When I reached the desired temperature I turned the ventilation and heating system off again and the petrol engine was shut down and I ran only on EV drive.

During the day the car is parked in Soderhamn in degrees temperatures -4 F. The entire trip is made with the engine running and the only time it shuts off for a short period is in a steep downhill.

The battery meter shows full but the meter for the estimated range for EV drive shows just three strokes. No numbers. When I get home the battery meter is full. The route I run, I run at a speeds of mph. The symbols for energy flow displays the arrows between the gasoline engine and battery and battery to wheel the whole trip.

It has something to do with the battery capacity degradation in severe cold I believe. I put a car heater in for 10 min instead. Also this time I was able to make the whole journey in pure EV mode without starting the petrol engine.

When I was leaving for home in the evening, it was degrees 5 deg FI had preheated the car for 30 min and it was almost fully charged. The petrol engine started in the beginning but after a few minutes I was able to turn off the fan and therefore the petrol engine.

It says something in the manual that at temperatures below C, there might be a problem with starting and limited power. If you want to leave comments on my posts, there is a comment box below each post. The comments field is not listed on the home page, but you have to go into each post.

You get to it by clicking on the title of the post.

outlander phev heating not working

Can you confirm this with some reference on the internet? As my dealership I noticed are not very knowledgable when it comes to the technical details of this car. Hi Tyrone Glad you like my blog. Regarding the 10 A charge. I base it one the fact that when I use the 10A charger at the same time that I use the pre-heater, the charger still charges after I have stopped the pre-heater. The battery was fully charged when I started the pre-heater. If the 10 A charger was to keep up with the loss of power when pre-heating it would not have to charge when the pre-heating is finished.

I believe I read it somewhere on the internet also but I cant confirm it. Maybe the battery cannot operate efficiently or goes into safe mode below c.Thanks for your time in writing up this excellent collection of information.

Really helpful for a new Outlander owner such as myself. Hi Richie, You mentionned in the Facebook forum that the version had an extra pb with the bmu. Indeed i try to follow the charging mantra but capacity decrease as i an Andy's nigthmare. You wrote that you were wanting to add something on this point in your website, but didn't see anything yet Thatbwould be nice if hou can document this and add some homeopatic work arround methods Or shall i start thinking on a harder reset methods?

Thanks Richi, I'm Pascal from france, regularly particpating to faceboon forum Did nott realize i was anonymous! Ok so ylur reply is to persist in your a method, and it should finish to work?! Have already got feed back of success for users? Pascal, I'm talking about the 5-step sequence in A.

Post a Comment. Another procedure in the workshop manual is known incorrectly as a BMU Reset. I believe dealers had been performing this procedure incorrectly, which is why it was clarified in the MSB. But it appears dealers are still getting this wrong.

The procedure has always included two separate MUT-III commands, both of which include the word "reset" in their names:. There's more discussion in this thread. To stop the engine, turn off the car by pressing Start. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.Ever since I could pick up my Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in december and then the seller failed to match the car with my phone, I have repeatedly tried to get it to work.

I got some time at the workshop in order to check it, and yesterday I got the vehicle back with the answer that Mitsubishi has not yet done the phone compatible because it is too new released in april Mitsubishi Sweden had no help or a good answer to give. Dealer Thunbergs car is obviously distraught that they were unable to solve it and that they have not been informed that some phones do not work.

I have managed to match the car with my Ipad Air 1 and my old mobile phone Sony Xperia Z1 without problems. Mitsubishi Remote App is, at least in Sweden, a very important part of the operation and ownership of the car. It is with the app and ONLY with it you can start for the heater in the car.

It starts the heating system in your car and warming up the car so that you have a hot car to get to winter time. In the summer the AC started using the app. The app was updated the other day 13 January for the first time in a year, it shows how often Mitsubishi is working on updates to the app. They should inform their dealers about the limitation it poses for the buyer if they have a Samsung or any other model that does not work. Should you buy a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, make sure you get the test to register the phone with the car before purchase.

You can just reset the pairing after it succeeded. But I suspect the problem is something else. There are only two devices allowed to connect to the car. If you have already connected two different devices to your car it is necessary to remove these before connecting your new phone.

Hi Yes I am aware of the fact that you can only connect two devices. I have also tried to reset the wifi, no luck. The mitsubishi garage also failed to connect the app. Thanks for the suggestions anyway. WHB -which exact model Samsung S6 do you have?

I am in the uK and am suffering exactly the same problem with a Sony Xperia C Dealer has tried for 2 hours to connect and cannot do it. At my request the Dealer contacted Mitsubishi-cars. Nav on tuesday and the norwegians have solved this issue via using a cheap second phone in the car to remotely control the car. Maybe this app can solve your issues?

I have a bog post about that app also. I had two phones registered but ran the delete process and now there are none registered.

But I end up with same failure when trying to register with S7. My old Samsung Galaxy Note 4 works fine though. Did you try this trick for pairing your phone? It has worked for some people. Regards Peter. Thank you. Thus actually worked with my Note7.Contact Us FAQ. Posted: Mon Mar 11, am. Hi all, I'm a proud new owner of a Gh4s, great car but the heating doesn't work at all, not from the engine or electric heater.

I'm getting the garage to look at it but thought I'd ask around to see if anyone has had the same problem or could give me an idea of what's going on so I have some more knowledge for when I'm going back and forth with them! Thanks, James. This pump has been reported to fail. Posted: Mon Mar 11, pm. Thanks, that's good to know, I thought it could be the thermostat but if the electric heater isn't working either then it sound more likely to be the pump.

Posted: Tue Mar 12, pm.

outlander phev heating not working

Coolant filter in the four way valve clogs with scale and is the usual cause of the problem. If you have the patience you can take it out, clean and put back. A Mitsi' garage would normally replace the whole valve assembly but only once they have worked out the cause won't show up on their MUT3 diagnostic kit or they have come across it previously.

It takes even more patience to bleed the system afterwards so stick a few bungs in your pocket if you have a go. Posted: Thu Mar 14, pm. Thanks for the info and advice. Good to know for the future. In my case it turned out to be a crushed coolant line under the vehicle. It looks like it may have been from a misplaced hoist pad. I suspect it was done during the safety inspection prior to buying the vehicle, I just don't know how to prove it Has the coolant pipe been breached and is it leaking now or has it just been blocked?

Posted: Fri Mar 15, pm. I'm not sure if the coolant pipe on my car has been damaged, it's now with the garage to be repaired.Contact Us FAQ. Posted: Mon Dec 17, am. For a while now my heater will warm up the car for the first 20 minutes or so, then just cool air come through thereafter.

The dealer has had a look at the issue but to no avail. Does anyone have a similar problem?? Posted: Sat Feb 16, am. I do seem to have a similar issue with my Canadian model. I bought it used earlier this week. I think it has some correlation to when the ICE heater kicks in, at least in my case.

Did you ever get your problem resolved? Posted: Tue Apr 09, pm. Posted: Wed Apr 10, pm. Are you using ECO mode? Posted: Fri Apr 12, am. Posted: Mon Apr 15, pm. In my case, after taking mine in to the dealership for the 3rd time they found a crushed coolant line.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - Defrost Heat Will START Your Engine

I would check to make sure you don't have any kinks or take it in to get it looked at. The coolant lines that were crushed on mine were under the vehicle not very protectedwe figure it was done by a improperly placed hoist before I purchased it. They replaced the pipe and it heats great now. Posted: Tue Apr 16, am.It provides several benefits.

The range to start the pre heater has increased from meters to unlimited as long you have reception. You can also set the heating on for longer than 30 minutes, which is the limit of the Outlander Remote App. This is whats needed for the SMS feature to work :. I got a tip about this from one of my blog readers Johan. If you want to leave comments on my posts, there is comment box below each post.

The comments field is not listed on the home page, but you have to go into each post to find it. You get to it by clicking on the title of the post.

outlander phev heating not working

Your email address will not be published. This is whats needed for the SMS feature to work : An additional smartphone that is always in the car. Your phone must be able to send and receive SMS. I have therefore acquired a prepaid phone card to it.

I have it connected to a charger, and it is located in the center console of the car. The app costs 27 Euro and is available in Google play. Your regular cell phone. It just needs to be able to send SMS. No other app is needed. Previous Remote app does not work with samsung S6. Has anyone in the UK done this? Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Many misinterpreted this to mean an absolute end to the calendar, which tracked time continuously from a date 5,125 years earlier, and doomsday predictions emerged.

In 1992, he published a book, ominously titled 1994. Perhaps his most high-profile predication was for May 21, 2011, a date that he calculated to be exactly 7,000 years after the Biblical flood. When that date passed without incident, he declared his math to be off and pushed back the end of the world to October 21, 2011.

Taiwanese religious leader Hon-Ming Chen established Chen Tao, or True Way, a religious movement that blended elements of Christianity, Buddhism, UFO conspiracy theories, and Taiwanese folk religion.

outlander phev heating not working

Chen preached that God would appear on U. The following year, he prophesized, millions of devil spirits, together with massive flooding, would result in a mass extinction of the human population. Followers could be spared by buying their way aboard spaceships, disguised as clouds, sent to rescue them. He attracted as many as 100,000 followers who believed that they would be carried off to heaven when the date arrived.

When the 1843 prediction failed to materialize, Miller recalculated and determined that the world would actually end in 1844. She began publishing her own books and eventually developed a following of as many as 100,000 believers. In 1813, she announced that in the following year she would give birth to the second messiah, whose arrival would signal the last days of the Earthdespite being 64 years old and, as she told her doctors, a virgin.

She died before a baby could be born. Because the Bible calls 666 the number of the Beast, many Christians in 17th-century Europe feared the end of the world in the year 1666. The Great London Fire, which lasted from September 2 to September 5 of that year, destroyed much of the city, including 87 parish churches and about 13,000 houses.

Many saw it as a fulfillment of the end of the world prophecy. Given such a large amount of property damage, though, the death toll of the fire was remarkably low, reportedly only 10 people--not quite the end of the world. Though there was light rain on the day of the predicted flood, no actual flooding materialized.

Courtesy of the Staatsbibliothek Bamberg, Germany Montanism, a 2nd century schismatic movement of Christianity, began in Phrygia (modern Turkey). Based on the visions of Montanus, who claimed to speak under the influence of the Spirit, Montanists believed the second coming of Christ to be imminent.

Many Christian communities were almost abandoned when believers left their homes and migrated to a plain between the two villages of Pepuza and Tymion in Phrygia, where Montanus claimed the heavenly Jerusalem would descend to Earth. APA style: 10 Failed Doomsday Predictions. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies.

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