Bns mystic badge

Bns mystic badge

Page 1. Bracelet and weapon choice Serpent For the weapon it's just going from baleful into the raid weapon paths. As for the bracelet you will have the choice between Tiger and Dragon from Naryu Sanctum at first.

The best way to start off as a Serpent sin would be to pick Tiger over dragon. You won't have enough gear to make dragon worth it and by the time you have the gear for it you would rather upgrade your bracelet to the Starbreaker one from Sandstorm Temple. Shadow For the weapon best choice would be going from baleful into raid weapon paths. Although one could argue that with higher ping Seraph and its non-raid path successors would benefit you as it makes the rotation less ping and gear reliant.

It is not advised to actually go this route as you will be missing out on damage from the Heart-stab modifiers. As for the bracelet it's quite straight-forward here. You would like the to get the Tiger bracelet and then into the Divinity bracelet. This will net you the best damage output for Shadow.

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bns mystic badge

Last edited: Mar 29, Hashi Cricket Member. Hey Dunno if it counts but id love to see Updated Optimization mods :x? Hashi said:. Exora Hongmoon Member. Can you find and remove new class animations? Fijikku Kasai Cricket Donator. Exora said:. I still keep seeing summ rolling balls and fm meters for some reason.

Airix said:. Hi, Can you swap or remove or move some one icon buff cooldown by pet, belt, AC, Alusinaty Cricket Member. Oh, really? Anyways, that would be awesome. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.Soul Fighter Guide Outdated.

Soul Fighter Guide. Q : Baleful atau Seraph? A : Baleful, untuk kedua build Earth dan Ice.

Weapons – Bangle

Q : Enak build yang mana Earth atau Ice? A : Pakailah build sesuai yang kamu inginkan atau yang lebih kamu nikmati. Pada level awal atau pas masih dalam proses leveling, build Earth lebih sedikit tertingal dibelakang daripada build Ice dan dengan gear baru yang akan datang di tiap update besar, selisih atau gap antara kedua build akan semakin berkurang atau bahkan sama.

Q : Pakai bracelet yang mana, Dragon atau Tiger? Bisa dibilang saling berkebalikan antara kedua build. Q : Kombinasi soul shield mana yang bagus? A : Gunakanlah 8 set MSP sampai kamu bisa mendapatkan 8 set BT, sangat direkomendasikan untuk menggunakan Full Set soul shield daripada mengkombinasikan dengan soul shield lainnya.

Q : Soul badge mana yang bagus? Pakailah Magnum untuk 6v6 dan Tower of Infinity. Q : Mystic Badge mana yang bagus? Pulse Mystic dengan 8 set BT soul shield. Q : Soul mana yang bagus? A : Untuk build Icepakai Transcendent sampai kamu mempunyai Mystic Badge dari Julia raidyang kemudian ganti atau switch ke Cosmic Transcendent masih lebih besar dalam hal DPS ketika dalam buff soul burn, tapi Cosmic lebih mudah dalam hal smoth gameplay.

Untuk build Earth pakai Cosmic dari awal, tapi tetap bisa ganti atau switch ke Transcendent dengan kombinasi badge dari VT raid, sekalilagi seperti pada build IceCosmic lebih smooth dalam hal gamplay, tapi lebih kecil dalam hal DPS ketika dalam kombinasi buff soul burn.

Kalau dalam hal ToI maupun 6v6, Transcendent adalah pilihan paling baik. Q : Fused Badge updgradable badge mana yang bagus? Q : HM skills mana aja yang harus dibuka? Fresh SF Starter Guide. Buat yang sedang leveling SF atau masih fresh level 55 tanpa HM Skills, berikut ini adalah paduan simpel agar smooth atau lancar gameplaymu sampai kamu dapat membuka HM Skill dangear yang lebih tinggi lagi.

Tapi kamu tidak perlu terburu-buru untuk membuka skill tersebut. Nah, untuk kamu yang menggunakan Build Earthkamu tidak terlalu membutuhkan apapun HM Skill agar gamplaymu smooth. Sekian aja Guide untuk class Soul Fighter kali ini, sampai jumpa di Guide dan postingan selanjutnya.

Posting Komentar.Raid quests only continue solo up to a certain point after which you will need to complete the quest by doing the raid with an alliancebut are still integral in unlocking quests and receiving questline rewards. Coming out of the story, you should have the following gear equipped with your Hongmoon Points distributed among Offense and Focus, prioritizing Offense breakpoints first :.

Celestial Basin is located in the southeastern area of the Gunwon City area. You are going to be spending a lot of time here. Doing these dungeons daily will help you build your gold reserves, and provide basic upgrade materials for your weapon. You should aim to complete the 3 easiest challenges at your current gear level. This will be Brawl in the Basin kill 1 of the 3 basin mini bossesand two of the remaining challenges off the Daily Challenge list for that day.

This will allow you to start gathering materials and Solar Energy for you to use for your soul badge. Do them every single week. This quest gives the last remaining pieces of the Skybreak Spire BT soulshield set, pieces 6, 7, and 8.

bns mystic badge

It also rewards a Heptagonal Amethyst. It requires completing, in order:. If you cannot find people willing to accept you into premade parties, feel free to make your own- just announce that you are recruiting for the weekly quests, and people will apply to join your party. Be sure to know the mechanics of these dungeons before you start doing them. This awards your choice of mystic badge refer to the BnS Academy class channel for which one you should pick.

This quest gives you your legendary bracelet refer to the BnS Academy class channel for which one you should pickas well as a Heptagonal Diamond. After about a month of playing, you should be getting close to having enough Solar Energy to buy your Soul Badge from Dragon Express Solar Energy, or appx. If you are one of the lucky classes that uses Eternity or Transcendence, you can instead buy them for 15, Celestial Peaches or get them from Midnight Skypetal Plainsand skip the month wait.

If you are a class that uses a soul badge from the Glory Token line Glory or Sagewoodit may be possible to purchase it outright with gold, because Glory Tokens are usually very cheap on the marketplace. Midnight Skypetal Plains otherwise known as MSP is a player instance that has no lockout, accessible from the portal near House of Pleasures in Zaiwei.

The boss in Midnight Skypetal Plains, Sacred Longgui, has six stages, each with their own loot that drops once you defeat him. This loot can be exchanged in Midnight Skypetal Plains itself, featuring some rewards that otherwise only drop in raid instances with weekly lockouts. The soulshields you receive generally have random statistics applied to them, with the best rolls being Critical and then Accuracy for PvE.

You can add further stats to the soulshields by purchasing or crafting Artisanal Shield Bases from F5. Always check the menu before pressing the upgrade button. There is another method of upgrading soulshields called Reinforce or Reinforcement ; this involves fusing the same type of soulshield together, such as a piece 3 Assassin BT soulshield with another piece 3 Assassin BT soulshield.

This only upgrades stats that both soulshields share, but is separate from fusing the Primers and can be used in combination with it.

After you obtain the correct bracelet consult a guide for your class and spec to determine if you need Divine Dragon or TIgeryou should level it up to at least Stage 4. This can get a bit expensive, so make sure you do you dailies every day for as much gold as you can get. Bracelet is often the most cost effective and most dramatic damage upgrade until it is maxed at Stage 10, so make it your 1 priority.

By now, you should be unlocking your Hongmoon Skills. The daily quests from the PvP notice board can help. Bloodstones can also be acquired from other miscellaneous sources, as they are a generic PvP material.

bns mystic badge

This will be your first major raid. Make sure to pick up the weekly quests for this raid at the Shrine of the Ascendant in Khanda Vihar.

Selection boxes for raid accessories will drop in Black Tower, so make sure to see what kind of bidding or priority system your group has. Time to get your next tier of weapon. I would recommend doing this and swapping to Raven at stage 9. A clan is not guaranteed to be good, but if you can get into a decent one, whether through the standard clan recruitment channel, Discord, friends, etc.BnS Fashion's character galleries are a chance for people to show off their characters.

This is not intended to be a preset sharing site, but people can choose to include one if they want. If there isn't a preset link on a character post, the submitter did not include one.

Don't bother to ask me for the link here or on social mediaI don't have one. Repeatedly asking for one in the comments or saying "where's the preset link? Adding your email address to the comments is an excellent way to ensure you receive a ton of spam email.

Danny Nguyen 25 January Weapons — Bangle Bangles are used by Force Masters. Alpine Bangle. Artisan Siren Illusion Bangle. Astral Bangle. Asura Bangle. Awakened Blight Bangle. Awakened Infernal Bangle. Awakened Profane Bangle. Awakened Siren Bangle.

Awkaened Pirate Bangle. Bamboo Bangle. Bamboo Guard Bangle. Blackwyrm Bangle. Blight Bangle. Bloody Blight Illusion Bangle. Bokgon Bangle. Brightstone Bangle. Bronze Calming Bangle. Cerulean Raw Iron Bangle. Cherry Bloom Bangle. Chocolate Illusion Bangle. Cinderlands Bangle. Cinderlands Baolite Bangle.June 12, Announcement. This specialization heavily relies on the Flock of Blades stance, which is where the Blade Mentor is most helpful and provides stronger abilities. During this time she is "Vexed" and will no longer assist you, thus removing your ability to be in the Flock of Blades stance and unable to utilize the added benefits it provides.

Three special talents available will change your Tab ability. Star-Crossed and Lucky Stars will both allow you to enter Starstrike, which empowers your abilities for 8 seconds. If you select the Blade Mentor talent instead, your ghostly mentor will jump to your aid for a brief moment.

Like the Blade Master, there are new and powerful abilities at your fingertips as your Kung Fu Master becomes more in tune with nature. With these new abilities, the Kung Fu Master can utilize powerful buffs and summon a powerful gauntlet to deal high amounts of damage for a small amount of time.

Kung Fu Masters will also be able to transform into one of three different wolves each with their own unique abilities.

Switching into the Titan Stance changes your weapon into a powerful gauntlet, and grants you 4 new abilities for your Z, X, C, and V skill slots. These skills provide a high amount of damage. Depending on how you combo your Z, X, and C abilities, a unique V ability will become available.

Using this special V ability will grant you one stack of the appropriate Chakra. These Chakras provide different stats. Using your Fighting Spirit ability will also provide 1 additional stack for each Chakra.

Each wolf offers unique perks, including passive effects for your party. Be sure to look at each one to see what works best for your playstyle. Depending on your Talents selection, they will enhance the Wolf transformation in different ways. Once you have successfully transformed into one of the wolves, you have new abilities to use. The wolf form also provides a hefty amount of defensive stats as well. Wolf form only lasts for 15 seconds, and deals a high amount of damage so be sure to utilize it to its fullest potential!

These can be purchased from the Dragon Express for 5 Naryu Tablets. You can swap between specialization accessories with the specific specialization emblem from the Dragon Express. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

The soul of a legendary Blade Master fights alongside you. Play Free Now.November 11, Announcement. The time has come to gather round for a massive feast to celebrate a fruitful harvest and friendship—log in to grab a cornucopia of rewards!

Pulse Mystic Badge

Doing so will earn you Harvest Dinners that are used to obtain unique rewards. The Golden Harvest Event ends on December 11, so be sure to log in for your chance to grab some seasonal offerings! Hongsil took a break from tinkering with maniacal automatons and has instead spent her time working on a special game called Treasure Draw —everyone is a winner, and everyone has a chance to receive some cool Bonus Rewards!

Waiting to entice you on the Dragon Express are bountiful rewards, which can be acquired with Harvest Dinners! Be sure to take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to double up on rewards!

All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The Golden Harvest Festival has begun—continue reading for more details! The Koldrak Fever Event is now available. A new mini-game called Hongsil's Treasure Draw is now available. A new Talisman and new Psyches are now available. General Hongsil's Treasure Draw Please check the website for details about this new mini-game. The opening, time, and duration may be adjusted during the event period. You can participate a maximum number of 10 times per round.

When using a key, a random number will be automatically assigned to you. A round will end every two minutes, or when keys have been used across the entire server. There is a countdown timer on the UI to show you how long before the round ends. The prizes will be calculated at that time and sent to your mailbox. They can be used to purchase rewards from the Dragon Express. Each selection box cost a different amount of gold to open.

Each selection box will have a list of 8 items of which you can select one as a reward. More details can be found in the "Dungeons" section of the patch notes. Each buff lasts 10 minutes and has a 5-minute cooldown.

BnS (TW): BM Legendary Mystic Badge Showcase

Only one buff effect can be active at a time. Halloween boxes have been removed from Daily Quest Rewards. A new Talisman tier, Morning Star, is now available.

The cost changes and new evolution cost for the Morning Star Talisman can be found here. Play Free Now. Achievement Points. Hongmoon Fortitude. Account Trade fee. Acquisition Location. Moon Refuge The Blightwoods. Moon Refuge Arachne Swamp. The pouch has been updated to include the Moonlit Medicine Pouch. Moon Refuge Cache Panda Village. Unseal to obtain Moontide Blossom.

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